Tuesday 7 June 2011

Thinking the un-thinkable

I am thinking about getting rid of my White Dwarf collection! After thirty years collecting what must be between 80% - 90% of all White Dwarf issues ever published I now find myself thinking about getting rid of them.

There are two main reasons, firstly I find myself buying the odd current issue, but after a quick browse I am usually disappointed, secondly, there is the room that hundreds of magazines take up. My attic is full of box-files each holding between 50 - 60 magazines some of which have not seen the light of day for years.

I have earlier issues from no. 12 and almost an unbroken run of what I consider to be 'The Golden Years' prior to it becoming a mouth piece for Games Workshop and loosing its soul.

I was wondering if there are others who feel the same way?

I think I would find it very difficult to get rid of all of the issues, as some have such great articles and retain fond memories of my youth, but I am almost resigned to clearing out a great number of the later issues, possibly 25%.

As an aside. I quite enjoy having a slouching day and bringing down a random box of WD to read on one of those days when there is nothing urgent to do or planned.

I will update when I have made my decision. This really is a very dark day for me.



Mr Saturday said...

I have an unbroken run back to issue 88, and I'd have to be threatened with a gun to sell them, especially the older ones.

Don't do it man, you'll regret it!

BigLee said...

I had a large collection from the mid 80's onwards till about '95 but eventually had to get rid of them. Space was the main problem but the real problem was that I never re-read them. I eventually gave them away to my friends knowing they would be enjoyed all over again.

The Angry Lurker said...

It's the space issue for me, magazines take up a lot of space but still a difficult decision.

Tony said...

One query I do have is this;

"When you got rid of your magazines - did you regret it?"


M. C. Monkey-Dew said...

Just get rid of the post 100 issues. You will still retain the best of the best.

If you can spare the room make it issue 200.

No need to get rid of them all surely?

Farmer Geddon said...

I haven't bought a WD for at least 5 years - there's just nothing worthwhile in them.
*settles down with pipe and tea* I remember the good old days when men were men, and White Dwarves were two pounds twenty five. I remember reading the beautifully arranged battle reports. I remember getting a couple of hours reading from them. I remeber the dissapointment of what they have become in the last 10 years!
I'll always keep the best of the old ones (160ish to 300ish) but I long since dumped the rest.

Chicago Terrain Factory said...

I sold off my collection last year - don't miss it a bit. After reading every WD 2-3 times over the many years of owning them - was not much more I could get out of those old magazines.

Hard part will be finding someone willing to buy. Think I let mine go for about 50 cents a copy.

dylangould said...

For me they're a great resource, but if you never look at them, and you need the space....

Lasgunpacker said...

I say hold on to them for a while, particularly the older issues (what you consider "good" may vary of course), then if you find that you have not read them for a while, consider selling them.

Otherwise, you may get a hankering to read them, and will not have them any more.

Leigh said...

I cleared a bunch of mine out a few years back (WD, WI, MW) and almost as soon as I did I remembered that article I wanted to check and it was gone.

Unless you have to, don't do it.Having a collection is great, but its more that irreplaceable archive of useful information that you'll miss.

Rob Alderman said...

I actually thought some of the more recent ones have been very good. It depends how much you take in from it. Your work usually surpasses that of the articles in the magazines anyway!
As a keen 40k player and collector of GW miniatures, I keep mine. I have almost all of them since around 120. I stopped buying it for a few years, but now regret it!
I love the Stompa issue they did a few years ago, the poster was especially cool, Han might even let me frame it and put it up!!!


Anonymous said...

You don't have to get rid of them,they have been in the attic stored tidy for 25 years and can stay there, just keep all your other bits tidy too.