Monday 23 January 2012

Studio Ghibli Nausicaa Book at Forever People

Earlier today my Wife and I had a day out in Cardiff. After meeting up with my Mother-in-Law and Sue's Brother and Sister-in-Law for lunch, Sue and I had time to window shop before making our way back to Worcester.

I had the opportunity to visit Forbidden Planet on Castle Street (just opposite Cardiff Castle) and saw some fantastic Studio Ghibli books. The first being The Art of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, while another was The Art of Porco Rosso as well as others. Each of the hard-bound books were on sale for £25.00 each and although out of my price-range were crammed-packed with stunning black & white and colour illustrations. Real eye-candy! It is difficult to do a full review on just a couple of minutes browsing, but my impression of each of these books was WOW, just beautiful and I would love to have any one of them adorn my bookshelf.

A simple GOOGLE search will give some ideal of these fantastic animated feature films and books which are well worth checking out.

I am aware that posts so far this year have been a little scarce. However I have not been idle and promise that all of my work over the last month will soon be published here (and elsewhere). Sorry that I am unable to say any more but I assure regular readers that each and every project will be worth the wait and I am now awaiting clearance to post links to this Blog.

Surprisingly the last two or three months of 2011 were quiet with a lot of my time being devoted to personal projects, all this changed as 2012 started with a Bang and although I am not complaining - if only the commissions and project were better spaced out.

Keep checking back for more information.



Tears of Envy said...

I think there was a sci-fi shop in Bristol called 'Forever People'. Any connection with the title of this post?

Tony said...

I think there is or rather there was a chain of Comic Book shops called Forever People. Similarly I know that there is another Forbidden Planet shop in Birmingham.