Thursday 5 April 2012

Mythic Greece - from ICE

Earlier this week I picked up this book from a charity shop in Malvern, Worcs.

At just £3.50 I didn't realise just what a bargain I had secured until I did an Internet search for some images and a review. The book is regularly selling at £30 - £50 per copy!

My first reaction upon buying the book was to use it as a resource material book for the long-planned and slowly materialising Typhon or 40mm Greek mythology project (see Typhon Label). With 160 pages of both historical and fantasy notes and information it is quite a tomb.

There are many reviews available for this gaming book. My own views are that it is an exceptionally well written and informative book, just crammed full of notes specifically targeted at Roleplayers and ideal as an add-on to my Typhon project (from Alternative armies). The black and white images that illustrate almost every page add both 'flavour' and some interesting ideas for scenarios and character choices.

Full details are;
Mythic Greece - The Age of Heroes by Aaron Alliston, for Rolemaster, Fantasy Hero and MERP.
Published by Iron Crown Enterprises Inc (ICE) and copyright 1988.
Stock Number # 1020
ISBN 1-55806-002-2

The 40mm Greek Mythology project (Typhon) is something that I have been playing around with for some time. It is my intention to have two or three simple warbands and a half dozen monsters as well as a Greek themed gaming table with terrain. Time and resources continue to hamper progression but I remain hopeful!


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