Friday, 5 October 2012

28mm Gravestones - a Barking Irons Online Masterclass

Craig Andrews at Barking Irons Online has just uploaded the Masterclass article for October 2012 - Grave stones - a 28mm Terrain Article. For full details go to this post.

The ten gravestones on six bases were bought for a different project that never materialized, but rather than leave them go to waste, I have mounted them on either singular bases or multiple stands to be used alongside some other scratch-built graveyard furniture.

I have over the years experimented with mounting my graveyard headstones singularly, and in multiples of two and even three. I think that a mixture of these bases is better than all singularly. With Halloween just around the corner, both Craig and I are hoping that this short tutorial will be of use to others and inspire you to use up your spare headstones in time for 'All Hallows Eve'.


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Gavin Syme (GBS) said...

I said it on the Notables Yahoo Group but it stands repeating here. An excellent article and very useful too.

I plan on using some of these methods on my packs of Statues and Tree Stumps.

Thanks Tony!