Saturday, 27 October 2012

S.P.Q.ORC - Pax Bochemannica - complete

The three Noman Legionnaire (Orc) test miniatures are now finished. 

I have completed the three shield designs (see earlier post) and attached them with superglue and accelerator. The miniatures have been checked over for any obvious missed areas and then varnished.

I have used Ronseal Hardcote Gloss Varnish and when fully dry, three thin coats of Galleria brush-on Matt Varnish. This is my tried-and-tested varnishing system and one that I would recommend.

The flocking has been done in two stages, first a single static grass clump to each base and then a sprinkling of ordinary static grass applied over uPVA glue.

And here they are individually photographed and in close-up.

Now that they are finished I can confirm how much fun they are to paint and although I think they might be a touch to dark, I'm pleased with the finished effect and glad that I stuck with my own unique style of painting miniatures.

Finally they are quite chunky miniatures and with the large Roman shields, very imposing.

Next month I will paint the three Halflings.

I am looking forward to the official release - due in late December/early January and even though I am not sure it will be a huge collection of figures for me, I am sure that I will get the initial box set, rules and figures. I will post details once I have them.



Maveryc said...

I really like the way you have tackled and finished these figures Tony. Your simple yet comprehensive guide is great and the finished figures are great :)

Mac Coxhead

Rob Alderman said...

Lovely work Tony, the bases are really nice!
Can't wait to see your halflings, it's been fun watching these 'grow'.

Wargame News and Terrain Blog said...

Most excellent!