Saturday, 13 July 2013

Oswald Pepperkettle - part two

Or how I paint flesh.....

Photo One - A black undercoat. I have used cheap spray-can Black and then touched-up any bits I have missed with Games Workshop Chaos Black. I did lightly 'wash' the whole model with Dark Brown wash prior to taking this photo.

Photo Two - Beastial Brown/Charred Brown with a touch of Snakebite Leather. Painted with a Rosemary & Co Sable mix brush, leaving some Chaos Black show through.

Photo Three - Snakebite Leather. Two light coats. This is my main basecoat.

Photo Four - Snakebite and Skull White.

Photo Five - Snakebite with more Skull White.

Photo Six - Snakebite with even more Skull White. Try not to use 100% Skull White - it is too stark.

Photo Seven - I have 'washed' the flesh areas with the old Citadel (blue topped) Flesh Wash, to which I have added some Gryphonne Sepia wash (GW).

The teeth have been built up over a Chaos Black and Skull White grey, then highlighted with more Skull White and even pure Skull White on the very tips. The eyes, sorry eye has been dotted with pure Skull White and the monocle painted over dark and then light Blue. The rim is highlighted with Silver from GW.

I have used Bloody Red mixed with Snakebite to define the lower lip.

I am aware that I can usually speed through the painting of Flesh. I hope that this step-by-step helps. I have been using a Snakebite Leather Flesh colour for years and the whole technique comes so easily to me that I sometimes take it for granted.


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