Wednesday 5 February 2014

Carry on Camping

As if by magic..... Orcs in the Webbe has just featured another of my modelling Masterclasses, this time how to build tents. Carry on Camping was first featured on Barking Irons Online back in October 2011 - but had been lost to the Internet when BIO was closed down last year. It is now back (Huzzah). For full details go to this link.

I have added a couple more photos to illustrate the finished terrain pieces. I know that Craig Andrews (Editor of OITW) is planning on uploading more of these lost Masterclass articles over the next couple of months.


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MadWelshWizard said...

Huzzah! I love these tents. They are one of my favourites :)

And yes I shall indeed be posting the rest of Tony's missing works.

As a little bit extra for readers of this fine blog I shall divulge the secret schedule...

Drum roll if you please...

I shall be updating Tony's old Barking Irons terrain articles (with never publically seen before 1024x768 images) every Wednesday from now until I run out :)

These articles are too damned good to keep under wraps!

Keep the Flag Flying!

Craig Andrews
Orcs in the Webbe