Sunday 16 February 2014

Wargame Terrain Book Two

I am well aware that Blog updates have been a little slow this year, but never fear, I am keeping busy. Over the last week I have concentrated on Wargame Terrain Book Two. I have still to fully decide on the title, but the favourite is, (drum roll please) Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 2 More Wargame Terrain by Tony Harwood.

I had intended it to be a step up from the initial book, with articles and tutorials dealing with more advanced techniques or projects, however a recent conversation with my Daughter (who did a lot of the editing and proof-reading of book one) has made me think; just maybe I ought to include a couple of easier or simpler projects as well as these signature pieces. I think that this is a good idea and one worth considering.

What ever I decide, the format will be very similar to book one with more new projects and one or two surprises. I am anticipating another A4 format, full colour book of about 100 pages.

The planned release date is August/September 2014.

In addition I will be repeating the same deal - with the first 100 books signed and numbered. Watch this space for further details.


I have been thinking about releasing one of the articles from Book One onto the internet just prior to the release of Book Two, possibly via Orcs in the Webbe and wondered how this would be received by those who have bought Book One. My logic, is that it could raise the profile of the release and increase sales. Comments are very welcome from both those who have purchased Book One and those who are new to this Blog. Maybe a Building Wargame Terrain lite? (And yes, I know that I have spelt it the American way).

The production of Building Wargame Terrain was a real learning curve and I would hope that book two would run a little smoother and more importantly quicker. Once again any comments on content or style would be greatly appreciated.

For anyone interested, this is the link to Book One. Watch this space.....



cianty said...

Hi Tony,

first of all: I can't wait for the second book to come out! The first was good but I am really looking forward to delving deeper into the techniques of making terrain models. I think issue covered enough basics to not cover those in the second book again. After all, what would be the point of the first release once the second is out, if the latter also has the introductory knowledge? Wouldn't that make the first one somewhat unneccessary? I think it makes sense to have a strict separation of levels of experience between the books.

As for releasing articles from the first book: Sure! This is common practice when teasing a new product and I definately wouldn't feel "robbed" if you did. To the contrary: Having some article in a digital version for reading on my iPad would be much appreciated.

Michael Awdry said...

I shall certainly be after book 2, best of luck Tony.

Tony said...

Hi Christian,

Thank you for the comments. Your views were exactly what I intended for book two and it was only the recent suggestion from Holly, that had me sit up and re-think by plan.

It will come as no surprise to you that the techniques will be a step-up, but like book one they will be staggered, with different articles featuring different techniques or materials.

I am still thinking about releasing an article with OITW. This is just an idea, but once again thank you.


Varangian said...

I'm excited about the second book! The moment you start taking pre-orders I need to be put on the list!

I like the idea of having some introductory skills put into the second book. Ideally they would be presented in ways not shown in book one. I find that reading "basic" articles is a great way for me to glean new techniques. Sometimes we just don't think of something, and when it's presented to us we smack our foreheads and ask "Well, why didn't I think of that?"

I also fully support your idea of releasing an article from book one before the second book. I would suggest you do a couple of things with it: Release it as a pdf, and include information on how to get the second book right in it. Also, ideally you'd have information on how to get an ebook format of book one (you can self publish in Amazon for Kindle very easily now, though it might be more difficult with so many pictures). I would then share that .pdf article as widely as possible, not just OITW.

Just my thoughts on it sir.

PaintPig said...

Looking forward to book two as well, but just as keen to get my hands on book four ;-)

Heisler said...

I'm also eager to see a second book. In regards to including several simple projects it really depends on if you plan to reprint book 1. If there is no intent to reprint it then I think at least one simpler project should be included. If you reprint book 1 then you don't need that.

I think releasing one or even two of the articles from book 1 before the release of book 2 as pdfs is an excellent idea.

Tony said...

Thank you for the comments.


Richard said...

Great news! Will there be a reprint of book 1 too?

snowcat said...

I'll be ready when you are! :)
Maybe put the title & number down the spine this time...?