Friday 7 February 2014

My Local Gaming Store/Stores

I regularly visit Waylands Forge, Birmingham and for some time have considered it my Local, Friendly Gaming Store, picking up various modelling items, some second hand bargains and even the odd larger purchase, such as a board game or book. There is no doubt that any visit usually ends up with me buying something and usually meeting a gaming friend or local character.

Since Christmas I have also found Worcester Wargames, Worcester and a gaming store much closer to Droitwich and one full of great gaming inspiration and second hand bargains. The store is not new, but has recently moved to its current site and is new to me. I wish everyone involved every success in the new venture.

Then today, Sue and I decided that we would visit Stourbridge. A town centre that we have been avoiding during the building of the huge new Tescos Superstore. However, now that the store and carpark are complete I must admit that we both enjoyed our walk around this old town centre. Just as you exit the main Tescos entrance, I saw a new gaming store called Titan Games. I was aware that there had been a new model making store opening in Stourbridge but was not aware of a new gaming store and both of us were pleasantly surprised at both the professionalism of the staff and the store layout. If you are not aware of this store, please give yourself a real treat and pop over to see what they have on offer.

This got me thinking (never a good thing), are other gamers seeing a renaissance in local gaming stores? And if so what do you put it down to?

I'll try to frequent all three as well as my regular visits to Parabellum, Birmingham (see earlier post) and look forward to seeing how the two new stores develop. Good Luck to all concerned.


Wayland Forge 
Unit 2 Fletchers Walk, Birmingham B3 3HJ

Worcester Wargames
Unit 2 Crown Passage, Worcester

Titan Games
31 Lower High Street, Stourbridge DY8 1TA


Ubique Matt said...

Hi Tony,
I have noticed a growth of small independent shops, which has to be a good thing. Although they don't hold that much stock it's still better than the 'love bomb' experience at GW shops.

The Stourbridge shop has only been only open around 6months and is the offshoot to the original shop in Lichfield. I believe the owners are all mates and it's not a chain as such (as far as I understand).

Titan Games
5 Bore St, Lichfield WS13 6LJ

There is also a small shop, again recently opened, in Walsall.
Nebula Custom Gaming
Unit 11 Park Place

I try a buy a few bits and pieces from these shops, even if I'm paying slightly over the odds, just to try and support their efforts.


Dannoc said...

It looks like you're spoilt. I live in Oxforshire nr Aylesbury and all there seems to be is two reasonably local GW shops.

I've not heard of any independent more local shops but would love to be able have a leisurely persue in one - wife and youngsters permitting.


Digehode said...

Wolverhampton has a new store, too. Contains Toy Soldiers:

It's all very exciting. I've been complaining for a while that Wolverhampton has nowhere to play and now we do.

Karitas said...

Interesting, had no idea there were so many stores around.. I'm in Cannock, so these are all within reach for me..