Thursday, 19 November 2015

Books I have received as gifts this week.

This week Sue and I have had visitors and as they all know how much I love new books this is exactly what I was given as gifts.

The first from Dave and Fee - The Inside Story of Gerry Anderson is a selection of cross section artworks by Graham Bleathman including Fireball XL5, Stringray, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and Joe 90. Wow - this book is full of illustrations bringing back some long forgotten memories from when I was a kid. It is surprising how well these different show have held up.

128 pages and 75 cutaways all fully illustrated and in colour.

The second is from June and Adul, How the French Won Waterloo (or think they did) by Stephen Clarke. Another book I was not aware of, but browsing the chapters and content I can see much to interest me.

287 pages - a paperback book with a new slant on history.

Thanks to all.

Inside the World of Gerry Anderson
by Graham Bleathman
Published by Classic Comics - Egmont
ISBN; 978-1-4052-7265-0
List price £17.99

How the French Won Waterloo (or think they did)
by Stephen Clarke
Published by Penguin - Random House
ISBN 978-1-78-089376-1
List price £12.99


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Heisler said...

I might see if I can find that Gerry Anderson book!