Tuesday, 10 October 2017

An Industrial Narrow Gauge Adventure - the layout part three

The canal walls have been clad with some resin slabs that I had spare from building masters for Grand Manner. The slabs were cut into sections and glued in place with two-part epoxy. The kerb stone topping or edging stones were constructed from 5mm thick laminate flooring underlay which although soft and easily damaged, can be strengthened by painting with a uPVA, filler mix.

The edges were detailed with more Milliput, then I painted all the stonework with a uPVA glue, filler and fine sand mix to give it greater texture.

On a visit to the canal basin in Droitwich town centre, I took these images of the canal walls and thought that the waste water or overflow gate and wooden strakes were worth modelling on my diorama/layout.

The overflow gate was constructed from plastic card and the wooden buffers were modelled from strips of balsawood detailed with plastic card and plastic rod bolts.

For more details and images of my Industrial Narrow Gauge Adventure please use the Narrow Gauge label to the right.


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