Thursday, 14 December 2017

A Stroll in the Park - part two

Following on from yesterdays post; Orcs in the Webbe - A Stroll in the Park (see this link), I have included a couple of additional images of The scratch-built Signal Tower. The Tower was originally built following a request from Henry Hyde (editor of Miniature Wargames) but with Henry moving on, the article was never used.

The expanded article (with additional images) was re-written and is now included as one of the chapters in Dampfpanzerwagon Guide No. 3 - Models for Wargamers. For details of how to order a copy, please use this link.

The final image shows seven of the ten models featured in Models for Wargamers and once again should you wish to order a copy, please use this link.

Models for Wargamers is a limited edition and self published book and is available from me for £18.00 plus postage.


NB. Free prize draw see this post for details.


Simon said...

I really like the look of these buildings, you are a talented man.

Tony said...

Thank you.