Wednesday 20 December 2017

An Industrial Narrow Gauge Adventure - the layout part fourteen

The signage on the metal salt pan was inspired by The Lion Salt Works, Cheshire and OSO Salt, a small independent salt produces based in Droitwich Spa. I produced an A4 master on my computer and then extended the letters by drawing around a large diner plate to produce the curved lower edges. Once I had the design stencil I wanted, I cut out each of the individual letters and taped it to the black painted pan.

The OSO SALT was stippled onto the pan with a large stiff brush and then I repeated the steps to produce the Ltd.

Once the stippled paint was dry, I used a fine brush to touch-up the edges with slightly off-white acrylic paint..

Please note; the salt pan is not attached to the brick-built base. I still have to weather the rusted iron pan before I can glue it in place.


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painterman said...

Looking great Tony!