Tuesday 12 February 2019

Kid Wood Charity Shop Find

I picked up this pack of Kid Wood - an expanded foam modelling material from a local charity shop (where I find most of my modelling material).

I have used it in the past as the basis of various modelling projects and was wondering if anyone else uses it?

This pack has 13 individual pieces;
4 x round sections
4 x square strips
5 x sheets

It cost me just £2.00 from the St. Richards Hospice store in Pershore.



Lasgunpacker said...

Is this foamed plastic as a wood replacement?

It is hard to imagine it being cheaper than the actual product, at least here in North America where we have the (seemingly) endless forests to harvest.

Tony said...

"Is this foamed plastic as a wood replacement?"

No I think it is a product for children, foam wood so that they can use blunt saws and plastic nails to learn how to work with 'real' wood.