Wednesday 13 February 2019

Models For Sale on ebay

I have decided to sell-off some of my model terrain starting with these two buildings.

The first is the scratch-built 28mm scale Timber Framed Dovecot that featured in Wargames Soldiers & Strategy issue 87. Details of which were included on this Blog back in November 2016 for more details see this Blog post.

The model is 200mm tall and mounted on a 3mm thick plastic card base that measures 110mm x 120mm.

If you are interested in purchasing this model - please see this ebay auction.

The second model is a 28mm scale Brick and Stone Built Well and Dovecot inspired by a resin model from Hovels. A Napoleonic Wars themed model is built from blue foam with DAS roof tiles. The model is 190mm tall and mounted on a MDF base 130mm x 145mm.

SOLD 19.02.19

The Flintloque Rifleorc is included for scale purposes only.

Thank you for looking.


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