Monday 10 June 2019

Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review #86

As regular readers and followers will know, I like to browse and purchase second-hand model making magazines, picking them up from charity shops or second-hand at shows. At the recent 7mm Narrow Gauge Railway Show in Burton I picked up a couple of second-hand issues of the specialist model making magazine Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review and in particular number 86 from April 2011.

The magazine has a 10 page spread by Simon Harris called Modelling and painting in the larger scales. This has to be one of the most informative model making articles I have ever read (and re-read) and is full of hints and tips for painting realistic metal and wooden subjects with some innovative and unusual materials and techniques.

The magazine is not generally available but I would thoroughly recommend searching it out and in particular getting hold of this tutorial as the techniques used will be of interest to modellers everywhere. It really is that good.

These are just three of the many illustrations of the narrow gauge wagons painted by Simon. They are built to the scale of 1/12th. I hope you will agree that there are quite spectacular.


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