Wednesday 5 June 2019

The Guardians of the Riverbank from Northumbrian Tinsoldier

The Guardians of the Riverbank is a limited edition set of 10 metal miniatures and 7 dice in a beautifully packaged gift set from Northumbrian Tinsoldier. For full details see this link.

The models arrived in this black card box (above).

And were presented in a tissue and foam wrap (below).

The full contents include;
10 - 28mm scale metal miniatures
10 - plastic bases (slottabases)
1 - black velvet purse with 7 blue crystal dice
1 - presentation leaflet
3 - full colour postcards

I chose the Northumbrian Tinsoldier miniatures above the Oathsworn (official Burrows & Badgers) minis as I thought the limited edition pack was better value and a little more characterful.

I think I will replace the plain plastic based for something more fancy, but look forward to painting them up.


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