Wednesday, 18 December 2019

The Crown - series 3, episode 3 - Aberfan

Sue and watched the Crown, series three, episode three, Aberfan yesterday and feel I have to congratulate Netflix on one of the most intense dramas I can ever remember seeing. It's not an easy watch and I admit we had to pause it on a number of occasions but the way in which the producers screened this disaster was both very well done and respectful. Very well done.

As an adult of a certain age and coming from a South Wales community, I can recall being sent home from school on that morning with my brother - the seriousness and horror of that day still lives with me.

Many, many years later I drove through Aberfan and the chilling effect was still as raw then as the day when the disaster happened.

Today, my thoughts are with both the survivors and the families of Aberfan.

God bless them all.


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Tony said...

I was speaking to my Mother about Aberfan and she told me that my Father was one of the volunteers from Mettoys (Swansea) who went up to Aberfan to see if they could help. In the end, after waiting around for some time, they were sent home - as there were too many volunteers wanting to help.

This was news to me and makes me very proud to know that my Father tried to help.