Sunday 22 December 2019

Wargames Terrain & Buildings - North Africa and The Middle East by Tony Harwood

Wargames Terrain & Buildings - North Africa and The Middle East, a book written by me is now available and being shipped by Pen & Sword. For full details see this link.

Wargames Terrain & Buildings - North Africa and The Middle East by Tony Harwood
Published by Pen & Sword
List price £14.99
152 pages with 10 complete start-to-finish modelling and painting projects including 15mm scale and 28mm scale models.
264 mm x 171 mm
Fully illustrated in colour throughout
ISBN 9781526716439

AVAILABLE at the offer price of  £10.49 (12.08.2020)

PLEASE NOTE - the book is not available from me but through Pen & Sword (or via other book sellers). I have updated this Blog post with an image of the contents page.....

Wargames Terrain & Buildings is the second Pen & Sword book by me, the first; Wargames Terrain & Buildings - The Napoleonic Wars can be purchased from P&S. For more details see this Blog link.

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A longer review featuring on the web magazine site Irregular Magazine issue 11, Volume 2, Spring 2020 which can be downloaded free from this link.
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Another review, this time from History of War - for details see this link.
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A Spanish Language review from JM Miniatures - you can find it here.
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