Tuesday, 6 October 2020

A crew for the Splata siege machine - Pax Boche

These four metal miniatures from the original Pax Bochemannica box set were based some time ago (around the time of my Pax Boche Themed Month - August 2020, see this post for the last update).

My intention is to re-model them as a Boche crew for the Splata resin siege machine that was designed and built by me and was at one time available from Hysterical Games, see this post for more details.

The figures were mounted on to 1p UK coins and the bases built up with Milliput epoxy putty.

Additional groundwork texture was added using some fine sand glued over PVA glue and odd casting seams were cleaned up or smoothed out with Vallejo modelling putty (the white areas).

I think they look OK with the hand weapons removed and can now be used for a whole host of different projects.


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