Saturday 31 October 2020

Colonel Vladimir Bayun - A special All Hallow's Eve feature for Orcs in the Webbe

It's All Hallows Eve and that can mean only one thing.....

I've written a special feature for Orcs in the Webbe. Colonel Vladimir Bayun is a new character race for Flintloque or more specifically Deadloque, for full details see this link.

The miniature is a highly modified MSB Toys Pigsy with the head from a Monster-in-my-Pocket Chimera.

I used loads of Green Stuff to build up the uniform details and mounted the miniature on to a 2p coin.

Painting was done with various acrylic paints and the mini was varnished with Galleria matt varnish before the base was decorated with static grass and static grass tufts.

Details of earlier Orcs in the Webbe All Hallow's Eve stories, scenarios and modelling articles can be found here.

Happy Halloween.


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