Friday 16 October 2020

Typhon - painting one mini at a time the latest update

I've tried to copy the colour scheme from the 1963 film - Jason and the Argonauts on this miniature.

Once the figure of King Aeetes was painted, I varnished the figure with both gloss and matt varnish before decorating the base with static grass.

The final image, showing the Spartan Games Aeetes alongside one of the painted skeletons from my 40mm Typhon collection.



BigLee said...

Excellent. These bring back some wonderful memories. I had the pleasure of seeing some of the original Harryhausen models in an exhibition at a nearby museum. A local guy had restored them, including one of the Skeletons from the Argonoughts. Probably the best exhibition I have seen at this small museum and I enjoyed it so much I posted some pictures on my blog here: Ray Harryhausen Exhibition

Tony said...

Thank you.