Friday 4 December 2020

Airfix Hurricane - part nine

Earlier this week I started adding paint to the model. I sealed up the cockpit and undercarriage before spray painting the whole model with Tamiya grey primer, then once dry I painted the under surfaces in a light sky colour. I added subtle mottling by airbrushing lighter and darker areas, and although I thought this looked great it all disappeared once the paint dried!

After sealing the sky with some Klear I masked off the lower areas and airbrushed on the light brown colour (again with mottling) and then it was on to the green which I hand painted.

You may be wondering where the images are?

At this stage I thought something was wrong - I had mislaid the tail or rudder (which on this particular model is a separate piece). I searched everywhere for it (on the workbench, on the floor, in my apron and even in the bin) but cannot find it anywhere.

Disappointed I set the model down and have left it part painted.My plan is to search again for the missing piece and if I can find it, I will resume the build, if not then I will look at scratch building a replacement but at this moment I am just not in the mood to proceed.

I'll keep the part finished Hurricane on the workbench to remind me to keep parts safe while building models, but for now the whole project and any modelling down the shed has stalled.


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