Thursday, 17 December 2020

Birthday Foot Stool

Today's post shows another of the home made wooden presents that I have built. This time a wooden stool for my daughter Holly's birthday. The stool was built from various pieces of scrap wood salvages from used wooden pallets.

The images below show various stages of construction.

It was great fun to build but took ages as I wanted to hide any screws with wooden pegs and ensuring the correct angles for the legs was a real head-scratcher. But I can report that Holly is very pleased with her Holly Stool. The wooden pegs were hand-made from some spare dowel with any holes filled with a PVA/sawdust mix before being sanded smooth.

The stool is 9 inches tall and 16 inches along the top. The Holly design was cut out with a hand-held jigsaw and the stool was lightly stained with light oak stain before being waxed.


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Tea in Thailand said...

I love it! Thank you! Xxxx