Tuesday, 15 December 2020

The Man From U N C L E

Last night Sue and I watched The Man From UNCLE (the Guy Richie film) and once again (we've seen it a number of times) we really enjoyed it and can't believe that there hasn't been a sequel.

Browsing reviews and Wiki I was struck by the fact that it was looked upon as failure. Both Sue and I loved watching it and even though I know all the plot spoilers I still found it very entertaining and a great watch.

Possibly one of the most stylish movies ever made with a great comedy/light hearted story line.

Hopefully there will be a Man From Uncle 2 soon.



SpacecowSmith said...

It's a fantastic movie and I cannot understand how it doesn't get the recognition it deserves!

Jeff Moore said...

I saw it in the theater, and I've seen it twice since then, and I enjoyed it, too. I also thought it captured the feel of the TV show pretty well.