Monday 15 March 2021

A Scratch Built Epic Scale Church for ACW gaming

The most recent edition of Miniature Wargames (issue 456 - April 2021) has another 'how-to' article showing how I built and painted an Epic Scale American Civil War Church which was inspired by the new Epic Scale ACW plastic figures produced by Warlord Games.

The finished model is mounted on to a used CD with groundwork built up from ready-mixed filler and DAS modelling clay. The painted figure in the image below is from the Warlord games plastic sprue but mounted on a round plastic counter rather than the square base supplied.

The model was great fun to produce and a change from my more usual 28mm/32mm scale terrain pieces.

For more details of the magazine contents, see this link.

The break from producing Simple and Practical wargame terrain articles has meant that I have had to think about the materials used, but don't worry normal service will be resumed in next months magazine.



(Kym) + Warburton + (Classic40K) said...

Very nice!

Codsticker said...

I really like that shingle roof in particular- very nice!

Tony said...

"I really like that shingle roof in particular."

and it didn't take that much work to make. Once the horizontal card strips were fully glued, I used the blunt edge of a snap-off bladed knife to score vertical gouges into the card, lifting the odd edge with a scalpel to give some variation and finally painting the card roof with some dilute PVA glue.

The texture was then exaggerated when drybrushed.