Thursday 18 March 2021

BLOOD BOWL and TYRANID ATTACK from Games Workshop

I was recently given a carrier bag full of modelling materials and these two games. The modelling materials have already been moved to the shed and will no doubt be used very soon but I'm not sure what to do with BLOOD BOWL and TYRANID ATTACK.

As you can see both games are either complete or nearly complete - I have not had chance to check ALL of the contents.

Tyranid Attack looks to be all there with some of the pieces constructed and painted (at least with an undercoat).

Both boxed games were a gift from a friend of my daughters who was clearing out some of his older content. I would normally offer the games to my son who has quite a collect of board games, but he has said no as he already has a number of GW games that he does not play.

I think I might try to paint up a couple of models and see how I get on.

Thank you Mal.



Codsticker said...

I see the old Blood Bowl game pop up now and then but Tyranid Attack? Never!

Marc said...

Paint them up!

Those 3rd Ed Blood Bowl minis are great. When I learned to play BB 7-8 years ago, most folks still played with those minis. Tons of character!

I was lucky enough to find a 2nd Ed box cheap a while back. The minis are not as nice - plastic monopose - but the shiny box makes a very nice way to transport my stuff. :)

(Kym) + Warburton + (Classic40K) said...

Wow! That is very cool - looking forward to seeing what you do with these.