Monday 1 March 2021

Flintloque Dwarf Landwehr - the basic miniatures

Part Three

The Flintloque box set includes 10 metal miniatures - 10 stout Dwarves in overcoats and peaked caps. The caps will have to go.....

I wasn't too gentle when removing the headgear and used a pair of clippers to 'chop off' the caps, breaking one pair in the process! I then used a big flat file to 'tidy up' the cut.

Apart from removing the caps, I have replaced the halberdier on the second Dwarf in the lower image with a spare Dwarf Musket MkII, this was a simple conversion, cutting away the spear shaft and replacing it with a cut-down musket and gluing it in place with superglue. I didn't even need to add any filler as the join was so good.

I now need to re-model the 'busby' style or fur head gear seen in this image produced by Jakub Rozalski. For more information on the planned head gear, see this earlier post.

Stay safe and Happy St. David's Day


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Codsticker said...

Love that grenadier model.