Monday, 9 August 2021

Micro Art Studio - Dwarf Haldar - part two

I washed the resin miniature in warm soapy water before temporarily gluing the main body and shield arm to a large cork. The left arm (holding the hammer) was glued to the body with superglue.

I used a large saw to slice the stone base into a thin veneer and after sanding the bottom edge, I glued it to a wooden disc that I had in my spares box. The disc is 58mm diameter and 6mm thick.

I built up the flag stone base with some Milliput and then added groundwork from DAS modelling clay which was further textured with sieved stones and sand applied over PVA glue.

These last two images show the models ready for undercoating. You can also see the miscast on the little finger of the shield hand.

I'll be undercoating later today and will post images and progress later.


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