Monday, 25 August 2008

August Bank Holiday Monday

Work has been busy this month, so the Bank Holiday was a welcome retreat. I am still modelling the Flintloque Large Farm House and would expect to start painting very soon. I have just finished the Lizardman Champion from Lance & Laser and will take photos of the completed miniature soon. The Yussem was painted some time ago, but checking through my old photo album, I saw that I had not posted a picture or comment on this Blog. There are a couple of Flash Gordon figures that still need to be posted and these will need to be done soon.

I have started another 2foot x 2foot themed terrain board - the long awaited Crashed Rocket Ship board. The main reason for starting it this weekend was that I had the time to build the sub-frame, once this is built I find that I can go back and forth to the project when ever I have the time. I am terrible for starting and not finishing projects (but anyone who follows this Blog will know that!)

Next week I will have very little time for modelling or painting, but will hopefully catch up with all my partially finished projects between now an Christmas.

Ideas for future projects include - Hydra Legionnaire Robots, converted to the Flash Gordon animated series robots, more on the Crashed Rocket Ship board, A Flash Gordon Ming lackey figure with gas mask and a set of French Aeronef's.

In addition I seam to have volunteered to build a Flintloque windmill. I've not even thought about how to proceed, but with a short deadline this project may have to take priority.

I'll keep the Blog updated.


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