Monday, 25 August 2008

Flash Gordon - Yuzzem

This hairy ape is a Star Wars miniature, Yuzzem (45/60 Fringe 18) bought for less than £2.00 from Wayland Forge, Birmingham. It has been re-based and re-painted, but is pretty much stock. Like many Star Wars CMG figures it is very well sculpted and required little in the way of clean up. I had thought about changing the gun, but in the end left it unchanged.

The miniature is mounted on a 40mm round base and stands 55mm tall. The figure was glued and pinned to a cork 'rock', before the whole miniature (and base) was painted with dilute PVA glue. As the miniature was quite light, I mounted a couple of small coins to the underside of the base - this is something that I regularly do with less weighty models.

In the wargame rules book - 'Fantastic Worlds' by Rattrap Productions there is a race of ape-like creatures called Nazree. I believe that this is a perfect 'stand-in' miniature for the Nazree.


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