Thursday, 19 February 2009

The Dwarf Sauerkraut Wars - the inspiration

"The Dwarf Sauerkraut War was, as every school boy knows the Second Sauerkraut War, to understand its context, we must study The First or Notable Sauerkraut War and the Great Cabbage Controversy of 1479 which led to it."
Extract taken from the historical reference book (part one) Halbritter's Armoury - An introduction to the secret weapons of history by Kurt Halbritter, first printed in Germany in 1978 and later translated into English by Jamie Muir.

Photo one - a reproduction of page 128, Digression: Famous Battles 1480

Photo two - a reproduction of page 129, showing the weapons used in The Sauerkraut War, namely; the Two-Handed Cabbage Shredder, The Vinegar Sprinkler and The Sauerkraut Shovel.

Photo three - further reading, Harbritter's Armoury - An introduction to the secret weapons of history, which include amongst others; The Thunder Barrel 311B.C., The Pepper Bellows 1501, The Tree Helmet Battalion The Age of Reason, The up and Over Twenty Pounder Seventeenth Century and Breastworks used around Bristol during the English Civil War 1642-1648.

For any military historian wishing to purchase this book, the details are;
Halbritter's Armoury by Kurt Halbritter, translated by Jamie Muir and published (English Edition) by Ernest Benn, London. ISBN 0 510-00039-8. A search on Amazon has highlighted a number of copies for sale.


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Carrie said...

Hi My father years ago abtained a book of halbritter's Arms though the Ages. He was a professor and quit the hobbist. And he made many of the illustrated weapons from wood. They are a wonderful collection and look just like the illustrations. I just wanted someone to know. Carrie