Monday 23 February 2009

Please identify this Ral Partha Miniature

I recently bought this miniature from Waylands Forge, Birmingham - it was sold as a pack of two second-hand female figures, both undercoated and un-based.

I would like to confirm the identity of this particular miniature - A female warrior or priestess with snakes. The base was marked Ral Partha 1995. The miniature stands 45mm tall (head to toe) or 75mm tall (to top of sword).

I intend painting it as a Priestess for my 40mm Flash Gordon collection. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


Stop Press;
With thanks to CmdrKiley and Palewarrior on TMP and Dane of War replying to this post, I now know that the miniature is The Goddess of Evil (code; 01-007) from the Ral Partha 01 - Heroes and Horrors range - thank you for the prompt responses. See;

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Anonymous said...

Tony, with that date I think you may have one of their Personalities series figures.

While that's as much as I can help with, I hope it's at least a start.