Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Dwarf Sauerkraut Wars - the Regiments part two

Regiment Two - Von Rotte's Hessian Dwarves

Allegiance - Finklestein

There have been many stories of the allegiances and history behind the forming of this notorious Grenadier regiment, even today the true stories behind the decisions as to exactly why Baron Von Rotte (the Red Baron) decided to support the Finklestein side is still shrouded in mystery! Rumours of 'red coat' and his favoured method of eating cabbage abound, but who will raise such comments within earshot of the Baron?

As a leader of men (Dwarves) the Baron is amongst one of the most charismatic figures to be found in the land of Valon, his troops are well drilled and beautifully uniformed, they are immediately recognisable in their dated but traditional mitred hats and red uniforms. Armed with the mk1 Dwarf Musket the Dwarves are trained to fire in volleys to produce the devastating results they are so loved/hated for.

This particular group of eight Grenadiers is made up from both the 4 miniature blister - 52012 Baron Von Rotte's Grenadiers and the 10 miniature boxed set - 52503 Baron Von Rotte's Grenadiers.


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