Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Two new paints

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been taking advice from other miniature painters about the colours they use and why. These two recommendations are both from Vallejo, the first - Model Color 70918 IVORY and the second - Game Color 72098 ELFIC FLESH.

The Ivory was bought as an alternative to white for adding to other colours as a highlight. I have been told that this gives a more natural highlight. I'll report back once I have tried it.

The Elfic (or Elf) Flesh is a very pale flesh colour that I intend to use when painting a female miniature (see earlier post), giving the figure a very palid, pale look. Once again I will report back when I have tried it.



Chicago Terrain Factory said...

Jennifer Haley is a big fan of Ivory in her figures. For super pale skin tones, Ivory is the only way to go. If you use Ivory as a substitute for white, all of your colors will be a pastel shade.

Tony said...

To Chicago Terrain Factory

Thanks for the advice, I am looking forward to experimenting with the IVORY and ELF FLESH.

I am aware of the paintrix site and will make sure that I check it out again.