Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Dwarf Sauerkraut Wars - the regiments part eleven

Regiment eleven - Dwarf Landwehr

Allegiance - Krautian or Finklestein

Landwehr or militia units make up the vast majority of troops on any battlefield, regarded as inferior infantry and 'cannon fodder', always being pushed in to battle at the head of any attack, poorly armed and ill equipped.

Within the Dwarf empire, a race that is born and bred to fight, the Landwehr have a slightly higher status than others and in many respects the dour Dwarves actually enjoy the hardships of fighting against the odds. It is a very brave (or stupid) enemy who mocks the Dwarf Landwehr!

This particular group of eight infantry and one mounted Dwarf Landwehr wear white facing colours and can be fielded on either side in the Sauerkraut War. In the main, Krautian Landwehr wear yellow and The Confederation of Finklestein wear red facing colours.

Of special note is the mounted officer Verner Von Raucher (LE 009). The rest of the miniatures are either from the Dwarf Landwehr boxed set (52504) with the officer (with eye patch) from the Krautian Guard box set (52502). The colour scheme is taken from various Napoleonic reference books.


The word Landwehr means 'Defence of the Country'.

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