Sunday, 7 June 2009

Games Expo - Birmingham, a review

This is the third year that I have visited Games Expo (Birmingham) at the Clarendon Suites, Hagley Road and once again I have nothing but praise for the organisation, the venue and the exhibitors. Very well done.

I arrived just after 10.00 and once again had no problems with parking. After paying my entrance fee and picking up the show programme and a selection of information leaflets, my first area of interest was the main hall. I spent a considerable time walking around and 'getting a feel' for the show and exhibitors before re-visiting the main areas and spending my money.

My main figure purchases were the new 40mm Argonauts from Heroes of Myth and Legends, I picked up an individual officer (see below) and the 5 multi-part figure pack (HML005). A show offer meant that the £20.00 pack was on offer for just £16.00, a bargain!

My intention was to use these miniatures for my 40mm Flash Gordon collection, but as you can see from the photo, I have mounted the first figure on to a 3mm thick, 32mm x 32mm square plastic card base with the figures metal base built up with a mixture of Milliput and 'green stuff'. If this works, I'll mount the remaining figures in the same way and I can see a new project coming!

I also picked up a 50mm tall miniature From Artimis Black, The Dark Age figure Yovanka - Air Arbiter (DAG2016) and a Welsh Cake, thank you.

I bought issue 24 of No Quarter (the one with the working Mechanika Drawbridge - a fantastic piece of terrain) and issue 1 (the English version) of Game Force again from Artimis Black, who tells me that he has been employed to work on the English translations of this Spanish magazine. I look forward to reading it and following issues.

Minor purchases included some round bases, dice and paint brushes. Of special interest to me was the new game Starblazer Adventures, a beautifully illustrated, hardback rulebook that is inspired by the old comic book series Starblazer, see; at £35.00 I felt this was a little to expensive for me at this show, not having had time to read any reviews, but this is a rule book that I can see myself buying at some time.

I spent some considerable time checking out the book, Duty and Honour, see; This maybe of interest to Flintloque/Slaughterloo gamers and I will be checking out reviews, before being tempted to purchase.

I was still back home in time to see the start of the Turkish Grand Prix, another great show and for anyone thinking of attending next year - I would fully recommend the show, a great family day out.



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Awesome, thanks for the information!!!

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You're welcome for the cake ;)