Sunday, 27 March 2011

Corydon and the island of Monsters by Tobias Druitt

One modelling project that always seems to be relegated to the back burner is my 40mm Ancient Greek or Typhon gaming project. Over the last couple of years I have bought a whole load of 40mm miniatures, a Typhon ruleset from Alternative Armies and even built some dual scale Ancient Greek terrain pieces (28mm/40mm) for Grand Manner. In addition I have a themed scrapbook, just full of information and ideas, which one day I really should upload to this Blog! All this is work STILL lounging in un-painted lead and pencil notes.

This week I saw this book for sale in a charity shop - just 30p and so I thought that it was worth a second chance. The story is loosely based on the legends of the Gorgons and in particular Medusa but brings a new and fresh character Corydon, a goat legged shepherd boy into play. (I am now on the look out for a 40mm boy who I can convert, so any comments/suggestions are very welcome).

The story follows Corydon, a young boy with one goat leg who meets the Gorgon Medusa when he is captured by men (Pirates) who run a travelling Freak Show. He quickly realises that Medusa and 'the other monsters' he meets are not evil and together they escape to an island where they live happily...until Perseus convinces an army of heroes that all monsters should be killed. It isn't long before Corydon finds himself leading the monsters against the Gods.

This 'children's story' offers a fresh approach to the standard Greek Mythos and offers many gaming scenarios for the Greek/Fantasy roleplayer and skirmish wargamer. In addition it adds some much needed 'colour' to this genre. I cannot yet confirm that my own Typhon project has been promoted up my painting and modelling list, but it has added much needed inspiration.

For full details;
Corydon and the island of Monsters by Tobias Druit (the mother and son team of Diane Purkis and Michael Dowling)
Published by Simon and Schuster
ISBN 0-689-87537-1

I live in hope that one day (maybe soon) this long-planned project will see the light of day, with the ultimate aim of a display game.



Boggler said...

For a moment there I thought it said Croydon.

Quite apt really.

Tony said...

I have now finished this first book and with just a couple of issues, really enjoyed it.

As written in the main post - it has loads of possibilities as themes and inspiration for gaming scenarios, as well as a reference section to the rear of the book which should be of use to all gamers and GM's.