Sunday, 20 March 2011

Princess Juliana Chaseur Elite

I was lucky enough to get through the first round of The Lead Painters League with This set of Flintloque Dwarves. Round two is a little more tough as you can see here and down to the fact that it is not a new set of painted figures but a repeat of the initial round one post.

Photo One - Shows another view of the 16 painted Dwarves, set against the LE Grand Manner Flintloque Building, for more details see this post

Photos Two to Seven - Show the 'master sculpts' and the finished castings from Alternative Armies. As you can see they are more like conversions or modifications than true sculpts from scratch, but I'm still proud of them. I would expect them to be available from Alternative Armies within the month, for full details go to this link

Photo Eight - Another shot showing the Dwarves and the buildings. A full background and history of this regiment is available here I hope you enjoy reading it.


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