Tuesday 8 May 2012

Blogging - An open letter to my followers/readers

Since January 2012, I have set myself the challenge of finishing at least 10 groups of miniatures before the end of the year. Miniatures that have patiently waited on my to-do list for some considerable time. The inspiration for this self-imposed goal was seeing The Lead Adventure Painting League that sets painters a similar challenge of producing 10 groups of figures, but in ten weeks. (If any reader/follower is not aware of this competition, I would recommend that they check out this link).

Since February I have successfully finished The Battenburger Dwarves, The Gingerbread Set as well as Bombardier Bedford and the 1st The Moldsk Guard. I am currently working on The Lowland Rats (see earlier posts). However the challenge has had an unexpected and I feel detrimental effect on my other modelling projects.

As well as producing a couple of specialised modelling and painting articles for publication later this year and working on a number of gaming masters I have found that The Pledge has become too overpowering. I will explain. In the past I would try to produce at least one Masterclass Modelling article a month for Barking Irons Online. So far this has worked. However these articles take time and I have noticed that I have not had the time to produce one this month (don't worry as there is a natural stock pile so there will be one published this month and next, but this is not the point. I just don't have the time to produce new ones).

Secondly, Craig Andrews at BIO is also starting a new feature to run alongside the Modelling Masterclasses in which he features 'how to paint' articles - the first was uploaded this week on BOI, see this link. The problem. These new articles tend to repeat what I produce in my Pledge articles and have the disadvantage that once published here on this Blog, cannot (actually should not is a better term) be repeated on BIO.

I hope that I am explaining it clearly - the fact is I enjoy writing for Craig, seeing the articles published and then highlighting them here on this Blog. With The Pledge, I am competing with Craig and BIO, not having the time to produce NEW Masterclass Modelling articles and although enjoying the miniature painting, just don't have the time to promise that all 10 Pledge articles will be completed - actually even started!

My personality is one that if I say I am going to do something, then I will do it. The Pledge is putting this at risk and as I also feel that I have a responsibility to my followers, I am (with great regret) now saying that the full 10 articles in a year may not be fulfilled.

I enjoy my Blogging and as well as part-time work and producing masters for a number of companies but I still want to model and paint for myself, possibly without the pressure of feeling that I have let anyone down.

There you have it - a very long post - an apology which I hope will be accepted in the right way and although I expect that most Pledge projects will actually be finished (and on time) there may not be TEN.

Just so I am clear and not rambling-on. The Blog will continue, The articles for BIO will continue and I expect a couple more Pledge articles will be posted here. What I am no longer able to promise is that all ten regiments/groups will be completed in the planned deadline.

I hope to be able to give details of a couple more published articles later this year. I am currently working on two which will hopefully be finished very soon and I would love to start and finish a couple more terrain pieces for me - just for the fun of it. My current sketchbook is just crammed packed with loads of inspirational scribbles.

Finally, I want to thank all the readers (followers and modellers who just pop by for a browse) for the support they have given me and this Blog - Thank you.



PatG said...

Your accomplishments to date on the pledge far outstrip what I achieve in a year. I think you can cut yourself some slack. ;)

The Angry Lurker said...

Nicely explained and no problem!

Peter Ball said...

Don't worry, dear boy! I find I have a surfeit of free time, yet even with all of those unused hours I believe that I would end up neglecting things in order to meet any targets I signed up to!

Rob Alderman said...

Do not worry, I wouldn't feel like you have let down anyone!

At the end of it all, you are a hobbyist, if you stop enjoying it, then why do it?

Work at your own pace, use whatever devices you need to make things faster and more energetic (such as 'the pledge'), but if it is having an adverse affect, then stop! I personally, have found Youtube a useful tool. It is a shame I cannot put videos of my sculpts on there as I think that might help speed up production...

I look forward, as always, to any articles you happen to write throughout the year, whenever you may.

Phil said...

Very nice, love the style!