Sunday 6 May 2012

Kyngs Own Royal (Home) Guard

Way back in October 2010, I entered a competition sponsored by Alternative Armies and featuring a group of 'Fencibles' or blister 54031. Full details have been posted here on this post and this post. While information about the miniatures can be found here.

Craig Andrews at Barking Irons Online has just posted this link giving more information on the conversions and the painting. The article was written by me in 2010, just after the competition results had been announced and gives some additional background to the Kyngs Own Royal (Home) Guard.

It has been such a long time since I wrote this piece that I had forgotten all about it. It is therefore even more satisfying to eventually see it in print. I hope that you enjoy it. Craig has hinted that this will be the first of a series of similar articles on painting Flintloque miniatures.

I am sure that there are also links to the other entries and I will try and find these links over the next couple of days.


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M. C. Monkey-Dew said...

Top notch. Love the standard in particular!