Tuesday 1 May 2012

Computer woes

This weekend my son was using my 'steam-driven' desktop - the computer I use for all my Blogging and article writing when he commented on how slow it was. This is all relative as he uses state-of-the-art computers in work and is surgically attached to his I-Pad! I also use some huge HP computer in work which although powerful - are dead slow slow due to security programmes. 

Further checks confirmed viruses and the possibility of a major Spam attack. Firstly, I hope that this has not affected any e-mails I have sent and secondly may account for some Yahoo Group glitches that I have been experiencing this month.

On Saturday and Sunday I had a complete close-down of all contacts and after a virus check spent most of yesterday re-installing programmes, contacts and passwords.

Touch-wood, it is all back up and running, but the experience was a right pain.

In an home where we use two computers, my Wife's, a newer lap-top and this old DELL, I missed not having contact - even if it was just for a day.  It is becoming clearer that I will need to update and soon. But strangely, I have become very attached to my 'big black brick of a computer'.

Normal services should be resumed soon with information about my latest Pledge 2012 and some more images from Salute.  Outside of Blogging, I have been working on a new modelling article that is due to be published later this year and enjoying reading this Blog; http://nevermetpress.com/ a link that was sent to me by my brother-in-law.



Paul´s Bods said...

You and me both...my gas fired PC is just about on its last legs. Yesterday it just turned itsself off, why? No idea..it just decided it had had enough and ping!. As for opening more than two tabs at once..I can forget it, either it slows down to a halt or crashes. Blogs with adds just kill it off in a second and forums with pop ups the same.
I got it virus checked a year ago..it had 14,000 plus mini ones and several big uns. Seems no matter what type of virus protection you put in they get past it.

Hein said...

I have a more then 6 year old desktop. It is still working nice quick and easy. So far I only replaced the power-supply. Oh and I don't run windows anymore instead I have Ubuntu. What a great joy. No more virus to find on my PC. I don't even need a virus protector. Good luck with your computer.

Scottswargaming said...

I'm no expert, but PCs sometimes switch themselves off as a protection against overheating. If its an old PC chances are its sucked in a lot of dust over time which builds up inside causing heat build up.
If you are at all techno savy, just unscrew the case side/top, and have a careful 'hoover' inside to get rid of dust build up.
Hope this helps.