Thursday 31 May 2012

A simple Modelling Masterclass - a Wicker Fence

Barking Irons Online has just uploaded my latest Modelling Masterclass - a simple Wicker Fence. This simpler terrain building article is one of a short series that was written in reply to some comments by Gavin and Craig (Alternative Armies and Barking Irons Online), asking for a couple of shorter or easier terrain building projects. At first I was surprised by the request but after writing three shorter articles, I find that I have really enjoyed these simpler modelling interludes.

The article, written some time ago is actually the third, the earlier two will no doubt be featuring on BIO very soon and should be inter-spaced with some more detailed or in-depth pieces. The crow model comes from the Dreamblade collectable gaming miniature Ravencloak Visionary, details of which can be seen on previous posts. I have picked up three of these 40mm tall models with a view to modelling/painting characters for Flash Gordon and/or Typhon games.

It is also possible to model the upright posts closer together or thinner and have the wicker weaved tighter to produce a different style of fence/barrier. It will be interesting to see how these shorter terrain building articles are received. Should any reader or follower have any ideas or requests for similar articles, please contact me via this Blog.

For full details of how this piece was modelled and painted please go to this link.



Ubique Matt said...

Great article, very useful. Just after I bought a bag full of plastic fences from Renedra - typical.

I may use small pieces on a foamboard building to indicate where the daub has fallen off.


Jay said...

Very nice modeling and how-to article. The Black bird is a sweet touch.