Thursday 16 May 2013

War Paint - Euro Militaire guide Vol. 1

To regular readers and followers it should be obvious that I enjoy painting model soldiers. I also like to browse both images and magazines of beautifully painted model soldiers such as Military Modeller. In fact my modelling focused bookshelf if crammed full of both 'how to' and 'eye candy' publications featuring model soldiers in all sorts of scales.

I have never believed that my model painting is anywhere near the same standard as those featured in these books and magazines, but I still enjoy both my hobby and seeing how other modellers approach their subject.

This Euro-Militaire and Verlinden's guide features winning entries from the Euro-Militaire competitions 1988 - 91 and is packed full of beautifully painted and staged figures. For me it 'ticks all the boxes', with figures from many different scales and genres - all painted to a standard I can only dream of achieving.

I picked up this copy from e-bay earlier this week. A real treat for me to enjoy.

I am aware that there are others in the series, Volume 2 and Volume 3. I will keep an eye out for them.

With just short of 30 pages, each one packed with full colour photographs of model soldiers this is a book for the true 'Lead Head'. First published in 1992 by Euro Militaire and Verlinden Publications.


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