Monday 17 June 2013

Fathers Day Presents

In addition to these early Fathers day presents on Sunday, I received the following;

Cottage Modelling for Pendon - a very in-depth and detailed book showing new techniques for super-detailing terrain models. The card-backed book written by Chris Pilton is from Wild Swan Publication. The book is a look at some of the techniques used to reproduce what is possible the most detailed model railway layout in the UK (possibly the world). I would suggest that the book is for the serious modeller rather than the amateur.  The book was sent via Amazon from my Daughter Holly.

The second book was a gift from Sue, Airman by Eoin Colfer (he of Artemis Fowl fame). I started reading it last night, and so a full review would be difficult, but so far I am enjoying the adventures of the young Conor Broekhart.

The third book was another from Holly, The Windmill yesterday and today by RJ de Little. Published in 1975, the book is full of black and white illustrations and period photographs of windmills. I have a couple of similar books as I have modelled a wide range of model windmills over the years. I suspect that there will be more miniature windmills before long.

Gary has only just returned from a business trip to America, and I have been told that another present is on its way from Gary and Beckie.....


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Tea in Thailand said...

I like the photo on the front of the cottages book - the grubby water jars look just like yours. Although the work table is far tidier! x