Sunday 30 June 2013

The 'Fighting Forty-Firsts' - part six (not quite finished)

I have finished varnishing and basing the six Rifle Orcs, but have still to paint up both Oswald Pepperkettle or Harpy (see earlier posts). These will be cataloged in July and August.

Photos One and Two - Show the six Rifle Orcs painted as characters from the Commando Comics Days of Daring (3765), see this post for details.

The six miniatures are a variety of metal castings from Alternative Armies/Flintloque bought from various sources and eventually painted up as a small group of Rifles - 'The Fighting Forty-Firsts'.

Photo Three - Show the whole group of six, based, painted, varnished and flocked in my usual manner.

The two character figures, Pepperkettle and Harpy will follow very soon, but with other on-going projects expected to take up most of my Summer months, I think just two Flintloque miniatures is just enough of a treat to keep my brush occupied.

I hope that you like them.


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Schrumpfkopf said...

Hah! I do like these since ive seen them time. Great painting too.