Sunday 9 June 2013

The 'Fighting Forty-Firsts' - part four

Painting proper. The flesh areas are built up in my usual colour combination - Snakebite Leather from Games Workshop, highlighted with Snakebite and Skull White. In these two images I have tried to not highlight too much. I have also washed the flesh areas with the old (blue topped) Flesh Wash from GW.

I have tidied up the Black areas prior to taking these photos.

I wanted the Green uniforms to be a different colour/hue to my existing Green Rifles, which are almost Black/Green. The basic uniform is built up from Foundry Forest Green 26A, with highlights of Forest Green and a tiny touch of Skull White.

The cuffs are Coat d'Arms Angel Green (155), mixed with some Chaos Black and then highlighted with 100% Angel Green. The white braiding is Skull White over a Stonewall Grey/Skull White base.

The bugler figure has had his wrap painted Prussian Blue/Grey and highlighted with Prussian Blue before being washed with Badab Black.

I think the 'bottle green' or American green uniform looks OK, and is certainly a change from the almost Black-Green paint mix seen on so many of my Dwarves and Rifles.

I am still planning a final flesh highlight as I think the washes tend to dull the base colour.



DeanM said...

Nice WIP. I like these Riflemen a lot. Best, Dean

fogsoldiers said...

LOL! I' m painting the same unit too...and it' s the second time it happens... ;-)

Marzio :-)