Sunday, 22 September 2013

COLOURS 2013 Newbury - a photo report

One week on, here is the promised report on Colours 2013 (September 14th and 15th). I'd booked a day off work and drove down to Newbury Racecourse with Sue, a 250 mile round trip in what was supposed to be terrible weather - rain and high winds. As it turned out the weather was OK and although we did experience some rain, the bulk of the day was in fact fine.

On entering the show, I made my way up to the Bring & Buy stall which was situated on the upper grandstand floor and booked in the last of the books Building Wargame Terrain. Sue and I then worked our way around the upper floor where the Battle of Leipzig 1813 was one of my favourite display games. A 54mm (1/32nd scale) demonstration game that had some quite fantastic pieces of terrain and beautifully painted plastic figures. Thank you to Skirmish Wargames.

This little hen coup was one of the best pieces of scratch-building I saw at the show. I am a little embarrassed to say that I lost the details of who built it, but assure you that this was a gem. Thank you for letting me take some close-ups.

On the same floor was this huge 28mm Viking Raider game with an impressive Great Hall resin model.

The same resin model was also on display downstairs.

El Alamein in 15mm.

And Pegasus Bridge in 28mm by Warlord Games.

I saw this small diorama in the annex and thought it worth commenting on - the hedgerows are built on flexible bases. I must try to copy this idea.

Roman Legionnaires in 28mm on a huge gaming board.

And finally the display/exhibition area where I took these photos.

We didn't stay long, as we had planned on having an evening meal with my Son and Daughter-in-Law before returning home to Droitwich, but even so I enjoyed the day out and even managed to spend a few pounds.



Ubique Matt said...

Great standard of displays and models, always useful to observe how others approach a subject.


Skipp said...

Who makes the great hall? Amazing model that....

Tony said...

To Skipp,

Sorry, but I'm not sure. I know I picked up a leaflet, but just can't find it.

Maybe someone reading this can identify it.


Louis Britton said...

I think that resin great hall may have been Dreamholme Scenics or Collectables or something like that. I tried looking on their website but it is beyond useless and looks like it should be in a museum!

Anyway, I'm the chap whose chicken coop you so kindly highlighted on your blog. Thank you for making my day, I was grinning from ear to ear for the rest of the day after your comment, much to the laughter of my colleagues!

I am currently working on some other farm related pieces in the vein of that chicken coop, so watch out for those next year! (unless we are playing a game where they are out of place of course!)

Cheers, Louis