Wednesday 27 November 2013

Joccian War Haggis for Flintloque - The Haggis Herder

My final post detailing the War Haggis from Black Hat Miniatures is this Highland Haggis Herder, a converted Glasgee Lowland Rat (56503) from Alternative Armies, see this link for more details.

Photo Two - The Lowland Rat had the flintloque removed and a length of wire inserted in its place. I fitted the three-headed prod from the Black Hat Dwarf miniature (see earlier post) and added some small details from Green Stuff. The modified Rat was mounted on to a 2p coin and the groundwork built up with Milliput.

Painting followed my tried and tested technique of building-up a base colour and two or three highlights over a Black undercoat. The scheme was copied from my existing Glasgee Lowland Rat regiment.

When the painting was complete, I varnished the whole figure and base with quick-drying Gloss Varnish from Wilkos and then two coats of Galleria Mat Varnish to finish off. The clumps of static grass were added over small blobs of diluted uPVA glue.

I've enjoyed modelling and painting this unusual set of Haggis and Haggis Herder and look forward to seeing how I can use them in future games of Flintloque. Earlier posts detailing this particular On-Line Build can be found here and here.

Once again, I apologise for the total lack of work-in-progress shots as these were some of the lost images when the computer hard-drive played-up, earlier this year.

I hope you like the fun element of this group. I do.



Michael Awdry said...

Absolutely delightful!

Phil said...

Unusual and beautiful!!

lrqan said...

I have a vision of Foul Mouthed Freddy having a New Year Haggis Hunt. Please make it so.

Rob Alderman said...

Bloomin' excellent!!!

I am copying this!!!


Dannoc said...

a nice little group you have - well painted.

Tony said...

Thank you to all who have commented. They were great fun to model and paint.


Chris said...

Looks amazing! I'll have to get some of those figures! Have you got rules for using War Haggises in Flintloque?!

Tony said...

Hi Chris,

No rules, but there are some Al Garvey DoDo's stated up (somewhere) - you could use the same stats for the War Haggis without too much trouble.


Chris said...

Yes, that was my initial thought, using the dodo stats. But thought it worth checking. I'll probably pinch some rules for Cave Squigs in Warhammer and use them.