Tuesday 26 November 2013

WHSmiths buys ModelZone name

This may very well be 'old news' to many but earlier today I was visiting the Frankfurt Christmas Market in Birmingham and on the way back to the car I called in to WHSmiths. The Birmingham store now has a ModelZone section selling a limited collection of both plastic construction kits, diecast cars and model making books.

I checked the internet and it appears that WHSmiths have bought the ModelZone name and will be selling plastic kits under the ModelZone name and in dedicated model making areas in their larger stores.

For more details see this link.

Look out for special offer vouchers giving 20% off throughout the ModelZone store (valid until 8th of December 2013).



John Lambshead said...


Zzzzzz said...

In the 1970's my dad would occasionally buy an airfix kit from WH Smith.

Leigh said...

I actually bought my first 'wargame' from WH Smiths. GWs Advanced Heroquest, which led to a visit to a GW store to get more figures, then warhammer and 40k and then historical gaming.

Ubique Matt said...

Thanks for the tip off Tony. Popped in to have a look and will now return with my wish list and discount voucher in my grubby little hands.